Relief Veterinarians

Over 30 MVMA members offer their services as relief veterinarians. MVMA provides a service to members, both relief veterinarians and those who hire them, by providing a list with contact information upon request, occasionally printing the list in the MassVet News, and facilitating contact through this website.

If you are a relief veterinarian and you wish to be included on the list that we fax and post on the website, please complete this form. If you need to modify your listed information, please email with the requested changes. Please note that only MVMA members may participate on the list.

(If you are currently listed and would like to be removed, complete this form. Thanks.)

Click for the current Relief Veterinarian List.

You may also search the Member Directory. Select "Practice Location" from the pull-down menu, type "Relief" in the box, and click on Submit. You'll need to click on the names one at a time to get their contact information.

Additional information about relief veterinarians:

Former member Roger Tenney, DVM, has obtained permission and generously offered for MVMA members to use the San Diego County Veterinary Medical Association's "Independent Contractors' Manual for Relief Veterinarians." Visit his website to download your complimentary copy; choose the manual from Resources in the left-hand navigation.