MVMA's Policy, Government Relations and Legislative Initiatives

Massachusetts Veterinary Medical Association maintains a governmental relations program that allows us to stay informed of, and take action on, issues of concern to veterinarians by advocating in the Commonwealth's legislature, Governor's office, and regulatory agencies.


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Legislative Initiatives and Bills of Interest


Please let your legislators know that you are in favor of these bills.


Pets in Disasters

This bill will ensure that people who care for pets and service animals will be incorporated into disaster plans.  This will not only protect the animals, but serves an important public safety purpose:  to reduce “failure to evacuate” during disasters due to concern for the animal.


Click here to read the bill.




 Veterinary Technician Regulation


The Massachusetts VMA and Massachusetts Veterinary Technicians Association have joined forces and filed a bill for the regulation of veterinary technicians. 

Click here to read the bill.


Livestock Care and Standards Board

The MVMA is in support House Bill 753 and the establishment of a Livestock Care and Standards Board.  Click here to read MVMA's position statement.

Click here to read the bill.


Veterinary Medicine Mobility Act


Veterinarians treat multiple species of animals in a variety of settings. Unfortunately, the Controlled Substances Act (CSA) makes it illegal for veterinarians to take and use controlled substances outside of the locations where they are registered, often their clinics or homes.

This means that it is illegal for veterinarians to carry and use vital medications for pain management, anesthesia and euthanasia on farms, in house calls, in veterinary mobile clinics, or ambulatory response situations.

Veterinarians must be able to legally carry and use controlled substances for the health and welfare of the nation’s animals, to safeguard public safety and to protect the nation’s food supply.

The AVMA seeks modification to the Controlled Substances Act and Drug Enforcement Administration policy that currently prohibits veterinarians from transporting ontrolled substances to administer and treat patients outside of the registered location.  Two bills have been filed federally to accomplish this goal.

The MVMA Supports House Bill 1528 and Senate Bill 950.

House Bill 1520

Congressional Letter to D.E.A.

H.R. 1528

AVMA H.R. 1528 Support Statement

H.R. 1528 Coalition Statement of Support


Senate Bill 950

S. 950

AVMA S. 950 Support Statement

S. 950 Coalition Statement of Support




If you want to be involved in analyzing legislation, testifying, or other legislative activities, contact Legislative Committee Chair, Laurie Klein. The MVMA Legislative Committee works closely with our lobbying firm to cultivate higher visibility on Beacon Hill for MVMA and the veterinarians we represent, and to establish MVMA as the key source for information about the health and well-being of animals. We also designate a liaison to the MA Board of Registration in Veterinary Medicine.

In addition, MVMA helps to shape policies in organized veterinary medicine through our participation in the AVMA House of Delegates, and MVMA supports the AVMA Governmental Relations Division through communications with our Senators and Congressional Representatives.Members are invited and encouraged to participate in our governmental relations program. We offer several ways to participate, depending on your particular interests and the time you'd like to spend pursuing them.Among the opportunities for members:

  • joining the Legislative Committee
  • helping to prepare background information on issues
  • working with another committee, such as the Animal Welfare Committee or Veterinary Technician Committee, to develop position papers on matters of concern
  • testifying as an MVMA representative at legislative and other public hearings
  • contacting your elected representatives to inform them of your concerns and offer your veterinary expertise on MVMA's issues
  • cultivating relationships with elected officials and candidates through visits to their offices, volunteering for campaigns, and making contributions
  • informing MVMA of concerns and ideas that might be pursued.

Dr. Laurie Klein chairs the MVMA Legislative Committee. Please contact her or the MVMA office if you would like to learn more about our governmental relations program.



Board of Registration of Veterinary Medicine

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MVMA's Board of Directors, the Steering Committee, has the authority to adopt positions on pending legislation. In making its decisions, the Steering Committee considers recommendations and research provided by MVMA committees. The Steering Committee meets quarterly.