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Creating a Community Plan
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Creating a Community Plan 


What will be the clinic's role?
o Policies should be created before the disaster

ß Should you accept wildlife?
ß Should you accept farm animals?
ß Can you function as a kennel for strays?

o Charging clients
ß Are you going to work for free, at a discount or not at all? ß What can you afford to donate?




Talk to fellow colleagues
o Get contact phone numbers

Work out an agreement before the disaster occurs 5

o Share profits
o Use another clinic for a certain percentage
o What equipment is available for use at other clinics? o Can personnel help out in your clinic?

Find a clinic outside an affected area which may be able to help
o If all clinics are down, is there a larger facility out of the area that can help?

Finding an off-site location where clinics can pool their resources Compile a verbal "stock-pile" system of pharmaceuticals
Is there a facility that can be used for isolating animals?

o Bite wound (rabies suspect) animals
o Large number of animals with same disease 



 Emergency Relocation of Boarded or Hospitalized Animals

                                    Leashes, carrier and other species specific supplies

                                    Appropriate, pre-arranged animal transportation

                                    Temporary Animal Holding Location

                                                      Your municipality’s facilities

                                                      Establish relationship with a “Sister Practice”

                                                                        Set up a reciprocal agreement

                                                      Return animals to owner?

                                    Secure and weather resistant patient identification



MA Local and Regional Disaster Animal Response Teams

    Western Massachusetts DART:

    Central Massachusetts DART  :

    Cape Code DART                        :

Hudson DART                             : Hudson DART Website


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