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Other Pets
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Other Pets

This page is dedicated to pets that aren't dogs, cats, or horses. Find information on rabbits, pocket pets, fish, frogs, reptiles, birds, and more!

Rabbit Care (ASPCA)
House Rabbit Society
Perfect Home for a Pet Rabbit (MSPCA) (House Rabbit Community)
Training Your Rabbit
Disabled Rabbit Care



Pocket Pets (Gerbils, Hamsters, Guinea Pigs, Rats, and Ferrets)
Your Pocket Pets and You (Department of Public Health)
Gerbil Care (ASPCA)
American Gerbil Society (laws, show and breeder locators, classifieds, pet stores, etc.)
Gerbil: The Right Pet for You? (Humane Society)
Hamster Care (ASPCA)
Hamster: The Right Pet for You? (Humane Society)
Pet Hamster Care
Guinea Pig Care (ASPCA)
Guinea Pigs: The Right Pet for You? (Humane Society)
Mouse Care (ASPCA)
Mice: The Right Pet for You? (Humane Society)
Rat Care (ASPCA)
Rats: The Right Pet for You? (Humane Society)
Rats as Pets (
Keeping Pet Rats: A Short Guide (National Fancy Rat Society)
Ferrets: The Right Pet for You? (Humane Society)
All About Ferrets

Fish and Frogs
Fish Information Service (FINS) (archives about freshwater and marine aquariums)
Freshwater Aquariums (
Saltwater Aquariums ( (articles, tips, and tricks)
All About Frogs
Frogs as Pets (

Your Pet Reptile and You (Department of Public Health)
Reptiles and Salmonellosis (Department of Public Health)
So You Think You Want a Reptile? (questions to ask when deciding to get a reptile)
Reptiles as Pets (Petfinder)
Reptiles Magazine
Iguana Care
Choosing a Pet Snake

Your Pet Bird and You (Department of Public Health)
Types of Birds
The Pet Bird Page (parrots)

Exotic Pets (
Exotic Pet Vet Net
Hedgehog Welfare Society
Primates as Pets: Wisconsin Primate Research Center
Chinchilla Care

Know the State Laws Regarding Exotic Pets
Massachusetts State Laws Governing Private Possession of Exotic Animals

Wildlife as Pets


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