Domesic Violence/Animal Abuse

Research shows that there is a high correlation between domestic violence and animal abuse. Visit our page of resources HERE.

Mandatory Reporting of Cruelty of Suspected Animal Cruelty

Mandated Reporting of Suspected Animal Cruelty in accordance with the PAWS Act 

When to report:
Anytime you suspect possible animal cruelty 

Who to report to:  
1.  Your local police department or the police department in which the suspected cruelty took place. 

2.  A special officer (the MSPCA or ARL):
MSCPA: (617) 522-6008 or (800) 628-5808
ARL Boston: (617) 426-9170 x110 or email 

How to report:  
Call the police or a special officer. In addition to a verbal report, you may file a written report
Massachusetts Mandated Reporting Form

Additional resources:
Animal Cruelty Manual

MVMA strongly encourages veterinarians to establish a relationship with the Animal Control Officer in your community.  

Feline Fix by Five

Feline Fix by Five aims to establish a standard recommendation throughout the veterinary community of when cats should be spayed or neutered. MVMA endorsed this initiative in 2022.

United Spay Alliance