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Regulatory Resources

MassVet News - The MVMA publishes the MassVet News six times per year and distributes it at no charge to member veterinarians and veterinary students. The MassVet News is available online in a members-only section of our website.

Member Discounts - Take advantage of special, members'-only benefits from affinity partners.

Membership Directory - How to find fellow MVMA members. 

Mental Health Resources - Many find it difficult to discuss personal stresses, feelings of being overwhelmed or depressed, and mental illness. Here you will find resources on how to cope with stressors such as burnout and compassion fatigue, as well as information on how to maintain mental health.

Relief Veterinarians - how to find a relief veterinarian.

Mandatory Reporting of Suspected Cruelty/Abuse -The Paws Act was signed into law in August of 2014. Read more about your responsibilities as a licensed veterinarian in Massachusetts and Learn the Seven Tips for Reporting Animal Cruelty