Beginning in 2012, the MVMA initiated the overhaul of its governance. Beginning with a shift in management, the new structure provided for oversight by the Executive Board, all elected officers and directors of the Association. The Steering Committee would become the Advisory Board, comprised of all chairs of our committees, along with representatives and leaders from allied organizations. It is the function of the Advisory Board to make recommendations to the Executive Board on matters concerning legislation, policy development, position statements, etc.

In conjunction with the AVMA's parliamentarian, a new set of Bylaws was created in 2013 detailing why and how the Association should exist. In addition to these new Bylaws, a secondary document, Policies and Procedures, was created as an addendum to the Bylaws. These policies and procedures established a more proactive and reactive system by which the MVMA could adapt to changing times and environments.


MVMA Policies and Procedures