Proven Benefits of Early Spaying 


Kittens spayed before their first heat have a 91% lower risk of developing
mammary cancer which takes the lives of an estimated 75,000 cats every year.
Spaying also eliminates the risk of pyometra.


The hormones that develop if kittens are left unaltered lead to nightly territorial
fights, cat mating rituals and roaming. These undesirable behaviors often result
in relinquishment to shelters. Over 80% of cats who are surrendered to shelters
or abandoned are not spayed/neutered. Spaying/neutering prior to puberty
eliminates problem behaviors.


Well over half the litters that end up in shelters are unintended “oops” litters.
Many other litters are abandoned to the streets adding to the free-roaming/
feral/community cat populations. When shelters are inundated with kittens,
the older cats who may have found homes are often passed over. Cat complaint
calls are at, or near, the top of the list in public health and animal control
departments, causing increased funding demands. Reducing the unwanted
litters born is an important step toward cutting shelter cat-related costs.


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