Illegal Activity

The MVMA is constantly monitoring illegal activities in Massachusetts.

Internet Pharmacies

If you suspect the illegal sale of medications/drugs online, please visit the DEA's website to file a report.


We are pursuing new legislation to eliminate the illegal practice of dentistry. Both small animals and large animals, alike require regular veterinary care when it comes to dental health. Approximately 80% of all equine dental situations require sedation, however, many of these cases are not being treated by licensed veterinarians. The MVMA has had a regular dialogue with the Board of Registration in Veterinary Medicine regarding this situation and will continue to monitor and report such illegal practice.

Dental Scaling

Large Animal Veterinary Medicine all the laws that apply to small animal medicine apply to large animal medicine, including dentistry.

How you can alert your clients and the facilities in your area as to the FACTS and the LAWS regarding equine dentistry.

Download the MVMA's "Know the Law" bulletin.

Complementary Care

Know the law.

Download the MVMA's "Know the Law" bulletin.

* The MVMA acknowledges that not all dental and complementary practitioners are operating illegally and does not intend to suggest so.