Emergency & Disaster Preparedness

Disasters can occur at any time and at any place. The definition of a disaster is when an event occurs and the community resources become overwhelmed causing the inability to function normally. It is impossible to be 100% ready for a disaster. However, there are many way you can be prepared. As a member of the community you are in a position where you may find yourself involved in helping animals during a disaster. It is important that every veterinary clinic have a disaster plan in place because your clients and the public will come to you looking for help during a disaster.

The MVMA has resources available for these different stakeholders:

For Practice Owners

For Pet Owners

For Your Community

MVMA Charities also has an Emergency and Disaster Program that funds certain programs that may help you and your community.

Pet Oxygen Mask Program

In one year alone, nearly 30,000 fire incidents were reported in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, with almost half happening in residential homes. In order to ensure the proper care and safety of pets during these unfortunate occurrences, the MVMAC established the Pet Oxygen Mask Program to donate pet oxygen mask kits to every municipality in Massachusetts. It’s easy. For your $125 donation, the MVMA Charities will send a new Pet Oxygen Mask Kit to the recipient of your choice. Equipping your community with these devices is a great comfort to a pet owner and may save your beloved furry friend one day. Download our flyer and share at your practice so pet owners can get involved, too!

Basic Animal Rescue Training (BART)

First Responders who have had Basic Animal Rescue Training minimize the risk of injury to themselves and to those who may have otherwise put themselves in harm’s way. This is only possible when responders have the equipment and training and the confidence to use them. This is exactly what BART provides. BART training is for First Responders such as Police, Fire, CERT Teams, etc. We are always looking for Massachusetts veterinary staff to help with trainings. If you're interested, please email mvmacharities@massvet.org


Want to get involved? Consider joining our Emergency & Disaster Preparedness Committee