Clinic/Team Plan

Creating a Clinic Team/Plan
Who are the key players?
Coming up with the ICS system for the clinic
Creating a disaster task force/team in your clinic responsible for updating/maintaining system
Designated responsibilities for staff members
Keeping update contact information for all employees
Keeping a second set of papers off site

Insurance papers
a) AVMA liability: Make sure your policy covers travel and multiple locations.
b) Business insurance
- Business umbrella
- Contents of building: Make sure you have the policy updated every 3–5 years to cover new equipment purchases.
- Business interruption
- Flood
- Signage
c) Professional disability
d) Health insurance

Inventory of everything with cost
Written business plan
A copy of computer records (updated and replaced every week) o Pictures and receipts of items
Pictures of the building
List of suppliers, contact numbers and how fast they can deliver

What will be the clinic's role?
Policies should be created before the disaster
- Should you accept wildlife?
- Should you accept farm animals?
- Can you function as a kennel for strays?
- Charging clients
- Are you going to work for free, at a discount or not at all?
What can you afford to donate?