This page is dedicated to horses.

For many equine owners, their horse is a gentle companion. With proper care, horses can live long and happy lives.

Breeds and Behavior

Learn about breeds and common behavior problems in horses.

Horse Behavior Problems (about.com)

Horse Health

Read articles on how to keep your horse happy and healthy.

Articles from The American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP)
Body Condition Scores
Ask-the-Vet Archives (Articles from AAEP)

Equine Dentistry

Proper dental care is essential to your horse's health and well-being. Below is information on how to take control of your horse's oral health.

Read the MVMA's position statement on Equine Dentistry
Floating Teeth
Avoiding Equine Dental Problems

Emergency and Disaster Planning for Horse Owners

As a pet owner, it is always important to have a plan in case of emergency or disaster. Below is information on how you can prepare.

Disaster Action Guidelines for Horse Owners
Disaster Planning for Horse Farms
Guidelines to Follow During Equine Emergencies

Euthanasia and Bereavement Resources

Losing a pet is never easy. Below are resources to help you deal with the death of your companion.

Equine Euthanasia (Association of Pet Loss and Bereavement)
Euthanasia and What Comes Next (thehorse.com)
Coping with Loss (thehorsechannel.com)