HSVMA - Veterinary Tech Utilization: What Does That Mean & How Do We Do It?

Sunday, March 19, 2023
8:00 PM - 9:30 PM (EDT)

Humane Society Veterinary Medical Assocaition WEBINAR

Presented by Leslie Wereszczak, MS, LVMT, VTS (ECC)

This webinar is FREE for all attendees.
1.5 hours of RACE CE credits (non-medical) will be available for HSVMA members only (pending RACE approval).

Veterinary Technicians are an essential part of the veterinary healthcare team. Currently, technicians are in high demand and short supply with demand expected to grow exponentially over the next several years. During this presentation we will discuss the scope of practice for veterinary technicians and the difference between veterinary assistants and technicians. Attendees will learn where to find and interpret the practice act & rules of their state. Proper utilization of professional veterinary technicians can help mitigate the veterinary shortage as well as increase practice revenue and efficiency.

During this presentation, attendees will learn:

about the veterinary technician profession, title and the need for title protection
about state practice acts and rules governing veterinary technicians
scope of practice for veterinary technicians - what can they do, what should they do?
ways to maximize technician utilization
how utilization of technicians can help mitigate the veterinarian shortage.
how utilization of technicians can increase practice revenue and efficiency

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