Fire Emergency

Employees discovering a fire will take the following action:

1. Alert others in the area who are at risk and notify a member of management who will initiate the 911 Notification System

2. Initiate the fire alarm procedure

3. Turn off involved equipment

4. Consider using a fire extinguisher, if trained and authorized to do so

5. Evacuate

Upon being alerted of a fire evacuation, all employees, visitors, contractors and vendors will:

1. Turn off equipment (if safe to do so)

2. Walk in an orderly and quiet manner to the exit closest to you not blocked by fire, smoke or other hazards and exit the building

3. Do not delay evacuation or re-enter hazardous areas to retrieve personal possessions such as keys, coats purses, or lunches

4. Report to designated fire Evacuation Assembly Area for head count. See Appendix B for Evacuation Locations

5. Stay together with their assigned group until further instructions are given

6. The facility will not be reoccupied until approved by the fire department

Note: The supervisor or other designated employee will be the last to exit the department. S/he will check lavatories and other rooms to ensure complete evacuation and will close doors upon leaving.