Hazardous Chemical Spill or Release

Hazardous chemical spills or releases can be recognized visually by seeing evidence of a chemical escaping from its normal containment or by detecting an unusual odor. If a chemical spill is suspected all personnel will do the following:

1.  Alert others in the area who are at risk and notify a member of management who will initiate the 911 Notification System, if necessary

2.  Employees who have been trained in the containment/clean-up of chemical spills and are properly equipped may respond to the area if the chemical spill is small (<1 gallon) and contained

3.  Turn off equipment (if safe to do so)

4.  Walk in an orderly and quiet manner to the exit closest to you not blocked by the chemical release

5.  Report to designated fire Evacuation Assembly Area for head count. See Appendix B for Evacuation Locations

6.  The Emergency Coordinator or another member of management will observe the wind direction if applicable and determine the best shelter area for evacuated personnel, if necessary

7.  Stay together with their assigned group until further instructions are given

8.  The facility will not be reoccupied until approved by the fire department


No employee will take any action other than defensive actions to attempt to control a hazardous chemical spill or release unless s/he has been trained and equipped to respond.