Insurance papers
a) AVMA liability: Make sure your policy covers travel and multiple locations.
b) Business insurance
- Business umbrella
- Contents of building: Make sure you have the policy updated every 3–5 years to cover new equipment purchases.
- Business interruption
- Flood
- Signage
c) Professional disability
d) Health insurance

Insurance Coverage
current and comprehensive insurance policy
discuss the details of disaster drills with your legal counsel to make sure you are covered for any injuries that might occur during the drill
receipts for all purchases
videotape and photograph inventory
Business Owners Policy, PLIT
Business Interruption (continuing expenses) - find out exactly when it ends and what triggers the end
Extra Expenses (payment of overtime pay and relocation expenses)
Professional Extension (provides coverage for injury/loss/death of animal in a practice's care, custody or control. Normal professional liability only provides coverage during a case of treatment.
Loss of Income
Large animal and equine practitioners should consider "mobile loss of income" (which provides coverage in case a piece of equipment or vehicle cannot be used)
Personal Property (replacement value)
Automatic Inflation
Fire Damage (typically included in business packages)
Water Damage (NOT typically covered in business packages - make sure you have flood insurance if you are in a flood zone).
Debris Removal/Cleanup
Divil Ordinance Coverage (provides coverage in case the practice is unable to function because of an act of government).
Comprehensive building and structure replacement
Coverage of rented and leased equipment
Interruption of power, heating/air and sewer
Coverage of Worker's Compensation
General and professional liability