Off site backup
Off site access to records
Itemized inventory
Spreadsheet of all computers and their contents (software, serial #’s)
Digital Storage

Prepare an Evacuation File Box: Place copies of insurance papers, employee contracts, leases, payroll information, financial data, checks and bank information, as well as your state licenses, DEA numbers, etc. in a watertight, fireproof container for safe removal during an evacuation.

Maintain good boarding records: Make sure all boarding patients have correct emergency contact numbers identified on the boarding check-in sheets. Data should include owner, emergency contact number, secondary in-town contact person, dietary instructions, medication(s) being administered and length of time boarding. During hurricane season, add an out of town contact.

Back up your computer: You should back up your main computer prior to evacuation (and daily). Zip Drives and external hard drives offer the quickest and safest form of copying large amounts of data for easy, portable back-up computer files. Have at least two copies for two different people to leave with.

Move all valuable paperwork, charts and retail items to a secure location within the facility: Use watertight, plastic containers to store client files and paperwork. Retail items should be moved off the ground. Fire safes are not water tight. Plan to take controlled substances, narcotics, and DEA paperwork with you.