Medical Emergency

In the event of a medical emergency the following actions will be taken:

1. Notify a member of management who will initiate the 911 Notification System, if needed. Evaluate scene safety-if there is any concern all personnel should stay at a safe distance

2. Do not move the ill/injured person (unless s/he is in danger from their surroundings)

3. Avoid all contact with blood and other bodily fluids (never attempt to provide first aid unless you are trained and equipped to do so)

4. A calm employee may stay with the ill/injured person to provide comfort

5. The supervisor will assign at least two employees to wait for the EMS responders at the parking lot entrance and guide the responders to the scene of the emergency

6. All uninvolved personnel should clear the area

7. If there has been any blood or bodily fluid release, trained personnel will clean and sanitize the area after the emergency phase has concluded