Bristol County Agricultural High School - VETERINARY ANIMAL SCIENCE DEPT CHAIR



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Veterinarians work at animal hospitals and clinics but may also work as a staff Veterinarian at a zoo, ranch, farm, stable, aquarium or laboratory to provide routine animal care. They are experts in diseases that impact animals and use their knowledge of animal anatomy to identify and correct health issues. Veterinarians develop care plans for animals and teach pet owners how to help their animal recover. They order lab tests, assist in births, perform dental cleanings and tooth extractions, stitch up wounds and cure infections among other procedures. Veterinarians may also perform humane euthanizations and comfort grieving pet owners.


  1. Provide veterinary medical clinical care under the terms of a veterinarian-client-patient relationship (VCPR) to teaching program animals and patients seen in our community practice clinic.
  2. Apply current standards of care in veterinary medicine to diagnose and treat sick or injured animals in our teaching programs and patients seen in our community practice clinic.
  3. Perform basic soft tissue, orthopedic, and dental surgical procedures at our on-campus facility.
  4. Treat sick or injured animals by prescribing medication, dressing wounds, performing surgery and setting bones.   This will include animals on campus as well as patients from within our community.  
  5. Educate the public about diseases and infections that are transferable from animals to humans 
  6. Promote the health and wellness of animals by advising animal owners about sanitation measures, feeding and general care
  7. Record actions by documenting and updating forms, reports, animal records and reporting diseases to public health officials
  8. Ensure compliance with veterinary procedures, ethics, policies and relevant statutes
  9. Operate diagnostic equipment and interpret the resulting images
  10. Establish or carry out quarantine or testing procedures that combat the spread of diseases to humans or to other animals according to established government regulations
  11. Humanely euthanize animals in situations they see fit such as in the case of a terminal illness.
  12. Oversee the overall operation and management of the Veterinary Science Center
  13. Responsible for overseeing the safety, and compliance with all state and federal regulations in regard to drug storage


  1. Teach the Animal Science curriculum and supervise students as per teaching schedule and contract. Duties may include teaching a variety of Animal Science courses and/or managing various Animal Science species, lab areas, livestock/dairy barn or Veterinary Science Center on campus.  
  2. Develop lessons, demonstrations, quizzes, labs, and tests using formative and summative assessment methods to ensure student growth.
  3. Provide a safe school learning environment by way of supervision and support of all students.
  4. Keep accurate records of student progress utilizing required data systems and reporting methods as instructed by administration.
  5. Use and integrate technology for the purpose of communication, grading, instruction, and curriculum development.
  6. Assume responsibilities and duties assigned to teachers as per teacher contract.
  7. Assist the Vocational Coordinator in co-op placement
  8. Demonstrate knowledge of current state and national standards, frameworks, and other curriculum-specific requirements.
  9. Collaborating with community partners, higher education institutions, and local industry.
  10. Provide differentiated instruction to adapt curriculum to the needs of each student.
  11. Comply with all accommodations and modifications as required by Individualized Education Plans and 504 Plans.
  12. Establish and maintain protocols to ensure compliance with student handbooks and demonstrate effective classroom management.
  13. Assist students in preparing for FFA activities in the vocational area. 
  14. Participate in advisory (vocational), departmental, and faculty meetings.
  15. To organize and co-chair Program Advisory meetings of the department.
  16. To submit all department purchase order requests.
  17. To submit all department facility maintenance requests.
  18. To hold department meetings with the cooperating teacher(s) in their program and related classes. 
  19. To prepare and submit a budget request for their department each year.
  20. To keep accurate inventory of all department equipment.
  21. To upkeep and maintain department equipment and facilities.
  22. To actively participate and cooperate in a positive manner in the yearly “Fall Show.” 
  23. To develop and maintain relationships with businesses related industries to keep the program division current with industry standards.
  24. To supervise students working on school grounds and those participating in the “Early Release” Cooperative Education Program.
  25. To take all reasonable steps necessary to insure the safe and efficient operations of their department.
  26. Abide by school operating procedures and policies.
  27. Cooperate with staff members for the purpose of scheduling and placement of students.
  28. Works in collaboration with the Animal Science Department Chair to build vocational programming.  
  29. Assume all other responsibilities identified in the collective bargaining agreement and/or as assigned by the school administration.
  30. Procure animals and equipment as deemed necessary to accommodate all aspects of the animal science program. 


Compensation and benefits per STA/Teachers’ Contract. May change in accordance with subsequent STA Teachers’ Union contracts.


The position will remain open until filled.


DVM or equivalent degree with a minimum of 2-3 years of relevant experience.

Current license (or ability to attain within 90 days) to practice veterinary medicine in Massachusetts.

Currently registered or able to become registered with the Massachusetts Department of Public Health (MCSR- MA Controlled Substance Registration) and the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA)

Preferred Qualifications

USDA accredited or able to become USDA accredited within 6 months of hire

Familiarity with the treatment and care of a variety of small, large and exotic animal species.

Passion for teaching, advising, and mentoring high school students

Massachusetts Chapter 74 Animal Science License or certifiable for same

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine required. 

Bristol County Agricultural High School is an Affirmative Action, Equal Opportunity Employer.

Apply via SchoolSpring ID: 4091353. 

Contact Kevin P. Braga, Assistant Superintendent/ Principal with any questions