State Vet Alert - Imports from Texas


Alert from the State Vet

The following is an FYI about a situation in Texas. Although dairy cattle do not often move in this direction other animals certainly do. CLICK HERE for a full alert.

The Texas Animal Health Commission (TAHC) is aware of an animal health situation affecting dairy cattle. Clinical signs include decreased herd level milk production; acute sudden drop in production with some severely impacted cows experiencing thicker, concentrated, colostrum like milk; decrease in feed consumption with a simultaneous drop in rumen motility; abnormal tacky or loose feces, and some fever. Impacted herds have reported older cows in mid-lactation may be more likely to be severely impacted than younger cows and fresh cows or heifers. Dry cows and heifers do not appear to be affected. In addition, some herds have reported pneumonia and clinical mastitis cases as secondary sequelae.

There is also a report of a horse that was imported to Connecticut from Texas that has been humanely euthanized after being confirmed positive for Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA). CLICK HERE for more on that from the CT State Veterinarian.

Remember to report any suspicious cases to the State Veterinarian.

Did you know that MDAR updates their list of reportable diseases annually?

If you see an unusual case or cases of a non-reportable disease, you should still report. MVMA is also a great resource to share out with members and other veterinarians. 

CLICK HERE to review the list.

CLICK HERE to access the form to report.