Veterinary Associates of the North Shore (VANS)

VANS is a volunteer-led regional VMA supporting veterinary staff located on the North Shore. If you'd like to get involved or learn more, contact: XXX

Regional Meetings:

VANS meetings are held the third Tuesday of each month, September through May (except in December). There is a social gathering at 7:00pm followed by a lecture at 8:00pm.

Here are some upcoming events:

Tuesday, September 19 - Feline Diabetes/Bexacat 

Tuesday, October 17 - Librela

Meetings are held at the Ryal Side Civic Association at 7 Eleanor Ave in Beverly.


VANS awards between $5,000- $10,000 a year in veterinary scholarships.

Mission and Purpose of VANS:

Mission Statement: 

To elevate the standard of care of veterinary medicine

To enhance the well-being of animals

To promote public health


Core Values: 





Encourage collegiality among veterinarians through regular meetings

Educate the public about veterinary care and potential health threats

Protect pets and people against zoonotic diseases through rabies clinics

Provide continuing education seminars to members

Support scholarship programs for veterinary students

Donate to worthy veterinary causes

Endorse AVMA Code of Ethics

Adhere to and abide by MVMA standards